GAME CHANGER is a quick and easy way to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! 



ELECTROLYTES (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium). Why are electrolytes important? They help keep the body hydrated by carrying water to places in the body that need H2O. Why is being hydrated important? Well...the body needs water to survive, for one! Proper hydration helps the body to naturally eliminate toxins and other bacteria that may cause illness. H2O also protects against diseases such as constipation, kidney stones, UTIs, and asthma. takes more than water! The body needs electrolytes as "carriers" so that water gets to the right places, which is why GAME CHANGER is a great addition to your daily regimen!


BCAAS: What are BCAAS? Branch Chain Aminos Acids! There are 20 aminos and 9 of those 20 the body cannot produce on its own. In turn, the body requires us to consume those aminos through diet and supplementation like GAME CHANGER. Of those 9, three are known as BCAAS because their chemical structure looks like tree branches (BRANCH CHAIN AMINOS ACIDS)! Those 3 are Iso-Leucine, Leucine, and Valine! Aminos are the breakdown of PROTEIN, and as you already know, us humans get protein from animals like cows, or from plants like broccoli but in the larger form (i.e. 8 ounces of steak). In turn, the body must digest the steak, for instance, into the smaller amino form. That is why BCAAS are great! They are already broke down, and then get shipped quicker to much needed areas like the body's immune system. BCAAs, as far as our immune systems are concerned, help to synthesize new cells, proteins and peptides for the immune response. They can also be used as fuel by the immune system. 


B VITAMINS: Those good ole Bs! Known for  boosting the body's defense system and keeping energy levels up, which is key to maintaining a healthy immune system!


GINGER: Ginger is one of our favorite ingredients because it reduces inflammation! Less imflammation is great for the entire human body. Ginger also reduces cramps and nausea along with a host of other benefits! 



Put one scoop in 16 ounces of water, and drink before getting the day started. Or, drop a scoop into a GO PRO chocolate whey smoothie to instantly turn it into a FRUIT SMOOTHIE!


Do not exceed recommended dosage.*30 SERVINGS PER CONTAINER*


*WARNING: All shipping costs are a guesstimate, and it is our policy that if you are overcharged, we will refund you the difference. If you are undercharged, it's your LUCKY DAY! So, thanks for choosing POWERHOUSE NUTRITION! Your support & love means more than we can express!*


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IMMUNITY Game Changer (fruit punch)

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